NELA‘s individual defect inspection solutions impress visitors at Control 2019

NELA‘s individual defect inspection solutions impress visitors at Control 2019

In its fifth year of participation as an exhibitor at Control, NELA Brüder Neumeister GmbH can again look back on a very successful show. With visitor numbers remaining at a high level, we were especially pleased about the large amount of qualified prospects who sought advice from our application specialists for specific projects.

This year, NELA focused on the individual possibilities of geometrical and surface inspection, which where showcased on the booth with six different smart Sensors. Visitors were invited to bring their parts and receive a quick check, which immediately presented them the best solution for their specific surface defect. There were several TopSide sensors to choose from, featuring different illumination options, for example, red, darkfield, and a colour sensor. Lateral surfaces could be checked with the In/OutSide Sensor. NELA’s sensor range covers any given inhomogeneity of a part, such as edge defects, holes, damage spots, flash, as well as inclusions, oxidation and coating defects, chipping, fissures, small scratches, and grooves. Visitors were not only impressed by the fast and reliable feasibility results and the individual consulting but also by NELA’s intuitive VisionCheck software with its manifold calibration options.

Another highlight on NELA’s booth was Trevista® 50 Sensor from SAC, which applies Shape from Shading-technology to make surface defects even in the micrometer range visible. This sensor has been designed specifically for sophisticated surfaces and uses topographic information to generate detailed findings about the characteristics of the surface. This allows differentiating real defects from other surface properties reliably and helps reduce pseudo-waste. An integration of Trevista® Sensors in NELA’s fast, fully automatic inspection systems is possible and considerably enlarges the range of surfaces that can be tested, especially when it comes to scratches and shiny materials.

Many attendees were also attracted by our fully automatic inspection and sorting system TAVI.01, which boosts efficiency in quality assurance with a throughput of up to 50,000 parts per hour and its individual configurations options with up to 5 sensor units. Many visitors used the opportunity to view the versatile application options of the system for many different defect sizes, materials, and geometries. Over the past five years, NELA has seen a growing demand for automation options complementing inspection and sorting. In this field, customers can profit from our experience and from our broad range of additional options such as customized feeders, box changers, packaging solutions or individual solutions for other processing steps.

NELA’s President Frank Neumeister says in conclusion of a successful Control 2019: “It is notable that our business unit Vision Inspection – which is influenced by megatrends such as automation, machine learning and Industry 4.0 – continues to grow even in a difficult industrial environment. Investing in 100% inspection and automation in combination with integrated production processes guarantees modern industrial companies a clear advantage in quality.”

Thank you to all the visitors who took the time to come to our stand, we are looking forward to helping you expedite your quality assurance projects!