Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We work hand in hand

As a company with a high degree of vertical integration NELA bundles all necessary resources to see a project through from start to finish. From the first consultation to the development of hardware and software and the final assembly, at NELA we have everything under one roof. Our global service team supports the customer during installation and all the subsequent years of production. Each department relies on a high technical expertise and is perfectly integrated into the overall planning, production and service processes.


We stand for precision and quality

Be it optical register punching in the graphic arts industry, or the highly accurate sorting of our automatic inspection systems, through years of experience we know how important high-quality machines are for the production safety of our customers. To deliver the highest quality is always our top priority, no matter which field.


We develop potential through innovation

Rapidly growing markets and changing customer demands continue to present us with new challenges. Our expertise in image processing, excellent process and system knowledge and our high mechanical know-how allow us to always push industry standards forward.


We value our customers

 At NELA, we understand that we have to outdo ourselves on every product and project and always surpass expectations in order to earn the trust of our customers. We see every customer as a long term commitment, as we develop by getting to know our customers needs we always do our utmost to serve our customers. Our customers are our inspiration.


We value our employees

Our leading market position is due to the competence of our experienced employees. As we are also certified for professional training, we see to it that all of our employees always update their knowledge and continue to grow in their profession.


We are connected to the region

The Black Forest is our home, the world our neighborhood: The NELA success story began more than 75 years ago in Lahr, Black Forest. We are connected to the talent, creativity and inventiveness for which our region is known. Despite our ever increasing internationalization and growing organization we still see ourselves as the local company that always puts the customer first and understands that if our customers benefit, so do we.