Ecobender V

Ecobender V
Ecobender V

The Ecobender V is our economic solution for small and medium-sized newspaper printers. It offers our well known high-precision NELA register punching and bending technology as well as our state of the art optical plate positioning. With a throughput of up to 200 plates per hour and the possibility to connect the Ecobender V inline to CtP systems, it is the ideal entry point into automated plate production.

Technical details

  • Speed: up to 200 single-width plates per hour
  • For single and double width offset printing plates
  • Optical monitoring of register punching and bending in a single step
  • NELA EcoNet software with intuitive user interface
  • Ergonomic and multilingual operator terminal
  • Register-exact positioning of offset plates through high-resolution digital cameras and imprinted registration marks
  • The three-point system allows pre-positioning of the printing plates and serves as a backup for the optical alignment
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long lifetime of the equipment as well as a continued burr-free and accurate register punching
  • Easy maintenance due to use of standard components
  • Siemens S7 compatible
  • Pneumatic components from FESTO


  • Barcode reader
  • Simple plate sorting of up to 10 stacking trays
  • NELA Page Tracking
  • NELA Status Center
  • VPN + Remote maintenance
  • NELA Service Packages