Wirth IRP, NELA offers an efficient solution for in-line register punching and shearing of your offset printing plates. IRP can easily be connected to one or several exposure lines and makes for an economical and fully automatic plate processing line. The IRP is equally suitable for sheetfed as for web offset printing and can handle several plate formats in one system.

In the IPR, plates are normally registered by means of a controlled 3-point stop system. The in-line punch might as well be upgraded with optical alignment, i.e. with the proven NELA Vision Control Positioning.

Trimming of leading- or trailing edge, a separation section and / or a lateral incision are possible when cutting the plates. After processing, the printing plates are automatically stored in a NELA plate stacker, which can be optionally equipped with plate trolleys. 


Technical details

  • Alignment of plate prior to punching/trimming by means of a controlled 3-point system
  • Cutting unit possible for leading and trailing edge, separating cut and lateral cut
  • For different plate formats
  • Subsequent integration of other formats possible
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long lifetime of the equipment as well as a continued burr-free and accurate register punching
  • PC-based sequence control
  • Integrated diagnostic system
  • Adaptable to different customer requirements

Expansion options

  • Upgrade to NELA Vision Control Positioning (optical alignment, i.e. the image is the reference for punching and trimming)
  • Barcode reader
  • PSC printing plates sorting
  • PQM+
  • PageTracking
  • StatusCenter
  • VPN+ Remote Maintenance
  • Service Packages