Wartungsangebote für optische Prüf- und Sortiersysteme

Wartungsangebote für optische Prüf- und Sortiersysteme

Maximum machine availabilty is absolutely essential in times of total automation. Thanks to its sturdy design, NELA equipment is extremely resiliant and therefore absolutely reliable. Regular preventative maintenance and the exchange of wear & tear parts are, however, necessary in order to guarantee maximum availabilty for production, just as with any other technical device. We offer you several comfortable service and maintenance programs to choose from, which satisfy the demand for even the highest level of security. Programs tailored to your individual needs are also available - just contact our service department.

ServicePlus Remote

Remote troubleshooting via online access carried out by a qualified software engineer - around the clock, also on weekends

  • All remote telephone and labor costs included
  • Trouble shooting
  • Operator support (8h per contract year)

With Serviceplus Remote you will be certain that you will always reach a qualified technician over the phone. We guarantee that a qualified service technician will call you back within 1 hour (during office hours) after we have been notified of the problem. 

All of the working hours of our technical staff and on-call service are included in this contract. In most cases, it is possible to locate the technical problem with our telephone support and to enable your service staff on site to have the machine up and running in no time.

ServicePlus Classic

One preventative maintenance per year carried out by a qualified service technician - including travel costs, allowances and labor

Serviceplus Classic offers you the following advantages: 

  • Control of image quality and cleaning of optical inspection sensors
  • Calibration of telecentric sensors incl. calibration certificate
  • Exchange of glass table in case of wear caused by hard parts
  • 5% discoung on spare parts and wear & tear parts
  • Maximum system availability thanks to adjustment of all mechanical and pneumatic functions
  • Early detection of possible interruptions caused by wear; reduction of standstill times and related costs
  • Preventive maintenance is plannable for a smooth and uninterrupted production process

We will contact you regularly once a year to arrange an appointment for a regular maintenance on your machine. During this maintenance your machine will be checked and newly adjusted according to a detailed check list.

All of the mechanical wear & tear parts will be checked and if necessary exchanged immediately or at a later date. 

ServicePlus Premium

Reduced spare parts and labour rates - all advantages of Serviceplus Remote but with guaranteed response times

Your advantages with Serviceplus Premium:

  • Guaranteed response times for service interventions, with 24 hours on work days
  • Remote trouble shooting via online intervention through a qualified service technician
  • 15% reduction of labour rates for trouble shooting as well as spare parts prices 
  • One preventative maintenance per year, carried out by a qualified NELA service technician
  • Technical training during maintenance intervention includes 2 training days and max. 5 people
  • Easy-to-calculate operation costs

Serviceplus Premium includes all benefits o Serviceplus Classic and Serviceplus Remote. We guarantee that a qualified service technician or software engineer will call you back within 1 hour (during office hours) after we have been notified of the problem. When a service intervention is necessary for on-site troubleshooting, a service technician will be sent within 24 hours.