Conveyor Systems

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Conveyor Systems

For the scratch-free, fast and safe transport of your bent offset plates to the plate sorter, NELA offers modular conveyor systems. These conveyors are also suited for the transport of unbent plates, perfect for the connection of several Ctp-lines to the NELA bending system. The width of the conveyors will be adapted to your plate sizes. With our conveyors, offset plates are transported carefully and efficiently - also over large distances or through fire walls.

Take advantage of our know-how and our long-term experience! We will be happy to recommend the right configuration that will fit your requirement and your room layout, of course considering back up solutions, as well!

For large conveyor installations in combination with our register punching and bending systems, NELA offers additional tools to assure process safety such as, for example, NELA StatusCenter or NELA PageTracking. These tools are browser based and provide access from basically anywhere. 



  • Efficient and careful transport of flat or bent offset plates
  • Size of conveyor components based on plate format(s)
  • Time savings through elimination of manual handling
  • No mor scratching or other plate damage caused by manual handling
  • Configuration of conveyor system according to your needs
  • Connection of one or more Ctp-lines to the register punching and bending system is possible
  • Turnstation for change of direction on the conveyor
  • Hinged conveyors for walkways
  • Large conveyor system equipped with an own PLC