Plate stacker for very large format printing plates

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Plate stacker for very large format printing plates

To avoid manual handling of very large format printing plates along with plate scratching and other damage NELA offers this plate stacker which can be connected in-line with the register punching and bending system. The printing plates will be placed vertically into a trolley that can hold one complete set of plates for one print job.

Additional trolleys can store plate sets for other print jobs, ready to go on press.

The plate stacker will always be adapted to your specific plate format - don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this product!


Your advantage with the plate stacker

  • no manual plate sorting or transport
  • no more scratching of your printing plates
  • easy storage: each trolley holding one set of 8 plates for one print job
  • in-line connection with NELA register punching and bending system
  • Plate handling with large format plate stacker
  • Plates are gripped and removed from the roller conveyor
  • Vertical stacking in NELA trolley
  • Plate trolley for for large format stacker