Smart Sensor

Smart Sensor - Sinterteile
Smart Sensor

NELA offers a series of independent, high-performance sensors for inspection as a reply to individual requirements for direct integration into your production or assembly lines. To ensure more versatility, the sensor illumination levels are programmable for an accurate and targeted exposure of your parts. In conjunction with a customizable field of view, the high-performance sensor supports high-precision geometry-measurement and surface inspection of your parts.

The integration of field-proven NELA VisionCheck image processing and control software in the machine network guarantees the exchange of statistical information, which ensures early detection of occurring fluctuations in the manufacturing quality.

An efficient implementation of extensive inspection allows for multiple sensors to be integrated in a production or assembly line.

System Configuration

The Sensor is first calibrated to detect a certain defect through the Configuration Tool. The camera unit is installed in your machine network where it will inspect the parts along the production line, preferably just before a sorting station. Through the Customer Interface the data from the Smart Sensor is communicated to your Control System which, when connected to a sorting station, lets you sort the part after your preferences.

Since the Smart Sensor can detect a wide range of defects, you can opt to sort your parts into just good and bad or any number of different quality classifications. The Smart Sensor gives you the freedom of having your Quality Inspection anywhere along your production line.

Your Advantages

  • For different part shapes and geometries in a size range from OD 5mm to OD 80mm
  • High-precision measurement and 3D contour check
  • Defect inspection witch an accuracy of ± 1μm
  • Customer-specific image processing solutions
  • Connection to your control system
  • Integration of multiple NELA Smart Sensors possible