TAVI.01 - XL

TAVI.01 - XL

TAVI.01-XL is our fastest and most flexible single glass table inspection and sorting system. It is suited for the highly precise geometry and defect inspection of a broad range of sintered parts. 

The parts are brought into the system by a feeding unit and are placed onto the rotating glass table. he parts are brought into the system by a feeding unit and are placed onto the rotating glass table. The dimensional exactness, height and surface defects on the upper face side and of the part's lateral surfaces are inspected by customized sensor units that are mounted above the glass table. Inspection of the part's lower face side is carried out through the glass table by a sensor module that is mounted below the table. 

After inspection, the parts are classified and sorted according to customer's requirements into up to 16 sorting channels. For the automated handling and sorting of the parts we take special care of your part's material and its characteristics as to avoid damage to these parts.

Your advantage with NELA:

NELA Brüder Neumeister distinguishes itself through a solid development and production expertise in the fields of mechanics, automation and image processing.

Sensor Configuration

TAVI.01-XL can be equipped with a variety of different sensors, all with the accuracy of ± 1μm:

  • DIMension uses transmitted light in combination with a telecentric lens to inspect the part dimensions
  • TOPside defect detection on the upper face side
  • BOTTOMside defect detection on the lower face side from below through the glass table
  • IN/OUTside multihead sensors for surface inspection on all lateral surfaces
  • HEIGHTinspection measures the exact height of the part with a telecentric lens
  • 3Dconcheck contour measurement
  • HARD/SOFT checks whether the part is hardened through eddy currents



TAVI.01-XL is suited for a broad range of sintered parts made of different materials, which are used in many industries. 

The part sizes that can be inspected in the TAVI.01-XL system range from 1,0 mm up to 120,0 mm (OD / diagonal).

The measurement accuracy is ± 1 µm and the throughput amounts to up to 100.000 parts per hour. 

The field of application of this optical inspection and sorting system includes sleeves, clamps, gear wheels, cam lobes, slide bearings, cutting inserts and other sintered components.

Technical information at a glance

  • Glass table-based inspection and sorting system
  • Dimensional check and defect inspection on all surfaces (top, bottom, lateral)
  • Equipped with up to 9 customer-specific sensor units
  • Throughput up to 100.000 parts per hour
  • Optimized for part sizes from OD 1mm - 120mm
  • Measuring accuracy from ± 1μm 
  • Sorting of inspected parts into up to 16 sorting channels
  • Robust machine design and use of high-quality technical components
  • Powerful multi-core processors for very high inspection speeds 
  • Closed design for maximum cleanliness inside the inspection system; this is a requirement for many applications in the medical packaging industry
  • Glass table calibration and temperature compensation for maximum measurement accuracy

Geometry measurement

Geometrical measurements on your sintered parts are carried out by high-resolution telecentric camera systems. 

Measurement of dimensions such as height, diameter, wall thickness, distances, depths and angularity of your parts is effected by our DIMension and HEIGHTmeasure sensor units. 

For complex measuring tasks we also supply 3D-scanners. 

Surface inspection

The optical sensors in the TAVI.01-XL feature several illumination levels that are adjustable. Thanks to the optimized illumination, these sensors detect even the smalles surface defects on your rubber and plastics components. All camera systems used in the sensors are high-resolution and work with gray value differences.

The TOPside and BOTTOMside sensors allow for a targeted surface defect inspection on the face side of your parts, while the OUT and INside sensors assure a highly precise inspection of the lateral sides. 

All sensors used in our systems have been developed by ourselves and guarantee a very high resolution of all sides of your parts. The sensors detect defects such as cracks & fissures, nicks, chipping, dirt, cavities, graphite formation and other typical defects.


NELA offers feeders that have been specifically designed for sintered parts and their individual characteristics. We pay a lot of attention to a careful and damage-free handling of your parts. Depending on the parts' geometry and size we are using vibrating or ascending conveyors, or we provide a solution that is specific to your requirements.

The geometry of your part and the required throughput of the system are two decisive factors for the design of the feeder. These aspects are, therefore, considered from the planning stage throughout the entire project in order to guarantee maximum productivity of the entire system. Additional bunkers are availalbe to enable the system to function autonomously over an extended period of time. 

We develop and manufacture feeders ourselves, however, for specific applications we rely on the expertise of our suppliers who are highly specialized and know about the requirements of the industry.

NELA feeder concepts offer optional functions such as part side detection and foreign parts ejection.  

Sorting and packaging options

The way the parts are sorted or guided out of the inspection system are also depending on the material's characteristics and on your requirements. Sintered parts, for example, are guided by a paddle to the eject conveyor, instead of blowing them out. Our inspection system precisely count the parts, which enables us to provide a continuous ejection of customer-specific batch sizes. 

Depending on your requirements, it is also possible to integrate box changing systems, rotary chargers, tray changers or threading units. Even packaging systems (bag packing) by renowned manufacturers can be added. 

  • TAVI.01 - XL
  • TAVI.01 - XL