NELA at Control 2019

NELA at Control 2019
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In the coming month of may, NELA will return as an exhibitor to Control trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. Under the slogan “High speed meets high precision”, we will present the latest solutions for the fully automated, optical defect inspection and geometry control for serial parts. Whether it’s punched, milled, turned, injection molded, sintered or rubber parts, our inspection systems are suited for all materials and geometries. With sensor units that are tailored to each customer’s specific inspection requirements they deliver excellent inspection results that make sure that no surface flaw remains undetected. In addition to this, we offer extensive automation options with individual feeding and sorting solutions, as well as processing and packaging solutions.

NEW at Control 2019

Discover the possibilities of optical inspection and measurement with NELA’s Smart Sensors! There is a solution for (almost) every requirement, the range of sensor configurations assures the detection of any possible inhomogeneity and covers edge flaws, break-outs, damage spots, burrs, oxidation and coating flaws, scratches, fissures and grooves on even the most sophisticated topside and lateral surfaces. Our top priority is to deliver a reliable and controlled detection of “real defects” while minimizing pseudo-waste. We also offer sensors for geometry inspection. In addition to standard sensors for height measurement and dimensional inspection in a medium tolerance range, our range also includes highly precise measurement sensors with transmitted light and a repeatability of just a few micrometers, as well as attributive inspection of inside features and measurements using reflected light.

Shape from Shading

We invite you to bring your parts to our booth and learn which solutions we can offer you for your specific application. Our specialists will show you the comprehensive possibilities of surface inspection for your parts* – LIVE at the sensor rack on our show booth. We have prepared a whole range of sensors, including top-side and lateral sensors with proven illumination concepts for difficult surfaces, as well as surface inspection with Shape from Shading.

Automation solutions

But even the most sophisticated sensors won’t suffice when the whole inspection process needs to be automated. NELA develops, engineers, and manufactures everything under one roof, always considering each part’s specific geometry and material. Automation solutions include feeders, parts separation, handling, sorting, and further processing. Ask us about your specific project, we can certainly offer you the right automation solution. At the show, we can demonstrate you all the advantages of automated optical inspection with TAVI.01, our proven single glass table system. Every single part is inspected from all sides, because only a 100% quality control delivers guaranteed quality. The throughput capacities that only automated inspection can deliver will make your production processes more efficient and profitable.  

Visit us at Control 2019, you will find us in hall 6, booth no. 6410. Our sales and application team are looking forward to meeting you!

*diagonal max. 60mm, height max. 20mm