Status Center

NELA Status Center
Status Center

The NELA Status Center centrally monitors all activities of the entire plate processing line. Status changes and faults are immediately visible on the display of the control panel. For the operator, this means continous and quick control of all production components of the plate production lines. Disturbances and interruptions in production are displayed in plain text on the control panel.


How does NELA Status Center work?

An informative overview-graphic on the screen of the Status Center shows the schematic design of the processing line with all the necessary parameters. For quick status check the devices are highlighted in different colors according to their current status. A simple click is enough to display details of the current status of a certain device.

Platesetters, developing machines and other third-party devices can - will also be integrated with the Status Center depending on the specifications of their interfaces (API).

All data is stored centrally in an SQL database and is available for subsequent analyzes and statistics.

Production data and logs can be exported for further use.

Browser access

With the web interface, the Status Center provides a visualization of the data on standard web browsers from any PC or tablet over Internet or on a local server. You are thereby no longer dependent on a fixed placement of the control monitor. Access controls ensure the necessary security.

Easy installation

No complex wiring is required to integrate the Status Center . Each unit can be easily connected via Ethernet or WI-FI.

Older NELA systems can be retrofitted with the Status Center. Thereby, existing installations can benefit from the advantages of this system.

Technical details

  • Visual status overview of all devices on the plate processing line
  • Central event and error logging with date and time
  • Statistical production evaluation
  • Export of data to CSV and HTML format
  • Status of each device as well as an overview
  • Detailed properties for a selected device
  • Error, production and operation history in table form